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[Bride&Breakfast] March IG feature
Bride & Breakfast IG feature
[Hyatt Regency Shatin] Official FB
[Hyatt Regency Shatin] Official FB feature
[Hyatt Regency Shatin] Official IG
[Hyatt Regency Shatin] Official IG feature
2018 AsiaWPA award
2018 AsiaWPA Wedding Video - Annual Award: 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
2018 AsiaWPA Concept Video - Annual Award: Bronze
[Bride & Breakfast] October 2018
Elegant and Touching Celebration
[Bespoke Wedding] 2018香港婚禮攝影TOP 4排名
[Bespoke Wedding] 2018香港婚禮攝影TOP 4排名
第2位 : HW Motion Story
[Bride&Breakfast] 8 Hong Kong Videog
[Bride&Breakfast] 8 Hong Kong Videographers
AsiaWPA 2018 award
Asia WPA International Photography & Videography Competition 1st Half 2018 awards
[Wedding Magazine] May 2018 issue
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